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New beginning: Starcraft II Academy

Posted on: 01.01.2013
We open the year 2013 with a brand new feature, first time in Eternity, a Academy division of thursty players!

Back in July, no one knew what we can expect from the Starcraft II division we opened. Now, six months later, we are so thrilled we can announce our first Academy division as a part of Starcraft II.


Now, you must be asking, why all this? After having a exceptionally good year, we believe that having "young" but most important hard working and motivated players can be a great asset in future for our Professional division. That's why we opened this project with a aim of discovering and producing high quality players from beggining.


Who's in, who's out? That's a damn good question! We here at Eternity deeply respect loyalty that our players show us, and because of that, all of them that were with us from the start, till now, will be staying in the Professional division, except our newest member Genevieve 'Livinpink' Forget. She will head to the Academy division to continue working on her playstyle, and we are sure that it will pay off!


Any new additions? Of course! We are so happy that we can announce that asside of Livinpink, we are acquiring two new potential hopes: Give a warm welcome to Michael 'TumescentPie' Sander & Niklas 'SEV' Aberg.


TPie, Platinum Terran and SEV, Master  Zerg together with Livinpink, Diamond Terran will be the first who are going to present the colors of Eternity, and we couldn't be more optimistic than now!



Statement of TumescentPie:

I am thrilled to be part of a team, and I am going to do everything I can to improve myself and my new team in this new year. I may be new to the community in terms of being a public figure, but I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember, and I want to help make this community as main stream as we possibly can in the name of Eports!

Statement of SEV:

I have spent a lot of time looking for a team that suits me and my ambitions in starcraft, and so far nothing has quite catched my eyes, until now! Team Eternity feels like the place for me. With such a good roster of good players I am prepared to work really hard for this amazing opportunity given to me. I would like to thank the team and the owners for all their hard work and for giving me the chance to show myself.


2013 Academy Starcraft II division is:


Niklas 'SEV' Aberg

Michael 'TumescentPie' Sander

Genevieve 'Livinpink' Forget



There is nothing that can describe our joy currently, as this is one of the long planned moves we wanted to make. We hope that this project will have only the biggest success possible, and that this is only first step in our journey!